lunes, 7 de mayo de 2012

jueves, 3 de mayo de 2012


Time to talk, let it down. In the park we can go walking, walking in the sea, always here, always on time, was just easy to think, i think she needs me. i got this feeling that she is close to the door, i got this feeling she will come for more, don't stop me, don't let me down. silence, is my reflexion silence, is my wall passionately you are my flakes it raining flakes? let me beging very hurry and high sometimes i don't care where you been i always want to believe but in dreams and in my eyes you are always far.

miércoles, 24 de noviembre de 2010

lunes, 14 de junio de 2010

One thing

Aunque no tuviera más tiempo en esta vida
O me sintiera completo por ser decente,
Sé que si mirara tus ojos seguro encontraría
La manera de vivir bien, como la luna en el día

Cuando quede perdido en la noche
y mi mente no se pueda concentrar
porque la decisión es mía,
De pelear o volar o como empezar de nuevo
Sin viento dentro pero siempre enfocando en tus ojos

Y siento ese viento en mi mente
Soy lo que ves
mi visión en la noche hace que te enredes
con hojas de un árbol recién nacido

jueves, 13 de mayo de 2010

How likes who

How to know or to be that person, how i should do the first step, how to know if im here or is just a dream in my sunday nap?. Who is this person? if i want her anyways, maybe for one night or a day, maybe for 30 minutes (i hope for more) but,how to know the end of this, i know is not for ever, is just a momment, maybe is the infinit.
When you wish something, you wish somebody? i hope so too, take a chance, like the morning. I am that "who" and i dont have any idea of that "how", how i can show her, how i speak, how is touch, how i should put in order my words or that song when i never been in this situation before, i want it today, i want it tonight but i dont know how to do the firs step, i should go to sleep without a "who".

martes, 4 de mayo de 2010

Saw how this turns

It doesnt matter where you are, its feel like im there,
im asleep into your eyes, look outside
You are cream like a red light in the night
You look so sad, but rememeber im asleep into your eyes.

sábado, 24 de abril de 2010